Careers in Culinary Arts

Careers in Culinary ARTS….The food presentation and preparation industry is continuously growing and aiming new heights, this helped with the growth of culinary careers and the culinary schools encouraging many new students and learners to choose culinary art as a carrier for future. It is expected that the industry will reach to 20 million by the end of the current year according to the latest survey. There are many careers option in the field of culinary art and the fields is also has many success professional options within the culinary field like baking, restaurant, pastry arts, and other related careers.

The careers in the culinary arts has gained a lot of popularity in the past decade, but out of the many career options in the field Hotel Management has gained considerable more popularity as a career, now hospitality is now recognized as a distinct area of expertise especially because the tourist industry is at a boom and this open ways for accommodation and food industry this in turn developed the carriers and the need was so established that now there are many schools and collages offering various long and short term courses which are affiliated to the universities as a degree or a diploma course.

Just like any other industry this industry also requires a professional course and training to enter the field the glamor and five star ambiance in the industry is also responsible for attracting students to the field, and you need to be perfectly trained to have a great expertise professional life in the industry. The opportunities in the industry has also encouraged many new colleges to provide excellent training and certifications to the students as a surplus to the industry many of the students are enrolling into these colleges to develop Careers in Culinary arts.

Generally a three years bachelor’s degree in hotel management is a great way to get trained in for Careers in Culinary arts but some colleges offer diploma courses in collaboration with major universities generally these diploma courses specialize in specific departments like hospitality, catering and culinary management. In major cases the colleges who have recruitment and training chains with the major hotels and hospitality management groups in the industry. This development is also a cause of growth of different Careers in Culinary arts.

Some of the other programs responsible for growth for Careers in Culinary arts in the industry are Catering & Restaurant Management programs,Culinary Management programs which allow the students to enter the live kitchens and serve its customers allowing the students to gain practical experience,Baking & Pastry program to gain specialized knowledge about the particular field,bar-tending programs for the students to learn the art and hospitality of the related industry and to specialize in the field.


The Culinary Art involves cooking food for self or for serving other. Food is one of the elements which everyone needs every day. And so we can say that the food industry is in demand forever. Whether it is celebration, gathering or any occasion, food plays a major role in keeping up the mood of the evening. Food has always been a needed entity in human life. Today it has just take many varieties and flavors or tradition and because of their growing demand for different varieties of food, the food industry is growing rapidly and spreading its arms even in small towns and villages.

Apart from need, luxury is other factor for growth of food industry with modernization. People have got habituated to luxury in which food of different varieties and traditions has become a part. These facts convey that the demand for food industry and jobs in food industry will grow but never reduce. It would be a wise move to choose a career in food industry.

Most of the people has a special interest or hobby and finding a job related to hobby is very difficult where as not in case of culinary art. If you interested in cooking then you can make it as your profession by getting graduated in the field. It is important that you make interest as a core factor to decide on your career because job satisfaction is the key of enjoying a job which is once again related to interest in the field.

Avenues for career in culinary arts and different options in food industry:

One who has completed a degree in culinary arts can work at places like

* Restaurants

* Hotels

* Onboard ships

* Resorts

* Bakeries

* Fast foods and etc

Any one getting in the culinary arts degree or diploma programs can get job in any of the above mention place depending on his or her area of expertise and specialization. It is also not a bad idea to start some hotel or any related stall on his or her own and before that it would be better to have some working experience for your own good.

As mentioned before there are many varieties of food and food traditions, so it is obvious that one person cannot get hand over all the staff. And it is the cause for having many different specializations in culinary arts works i.e. chef, baker, dessert maker etc. if you are good at managing compared to cooking then you can have a good career in management options of food industry like executive chef, food and beverage manager, sales director, house keeper etc.

Thought interest in the field of culinary arts is very important element for enjoying a fruitful future, it is not all it takes. Apart from passion for cooking one needs to get trained by professional chefs and trainers in order to get a stable job in the food industry. Training is very important and so as choosing the right place for it is. We can say that graduating for an accredited and good culinary college can be your first step to your success in food industry.

You can choose the education or training program depending on the job you are targeting in the industry. Both associate degree and bachelor degree are good options for a better future in the food industry, but personals with bachelor degree will have a fast and remarkable growth compared to the other.

Before you get enrolled for any culinary arts graduation program in any college the first thing you need to do is to verify whether the college is accredited or not. You can enquire into the details on accreditation so as to confirm. The next thing to be worried of is the faculty and the practical training. The best way to choose the perfect culinary colleges is by referrals, you can consider the advice of your friends and family regarding the best culinary schools in town and related details.

And after you have short listed a few colleges, you can do complete research about them and conduct cost comparisons so as to choose a college that gives professional level training and charges fair enough. If you are unable to manage time for the training program or if you are a job holder, we still have a solution and that is online training. Some standard organizations also offer training in culinary arts through internet services. Once you enroll you can attend the classes online at your home and some time you need to get to the training place.

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Salary in culinary arts:

Talking about celebration, every ones first plan would be about arranging and organizing food of different varieties and tastes. And so restaurants, hotels and catering organization will require qualified and trained professionals who are of high demand today, especially in the reason of celebrations. This demand is reason for high wages for professionals in food industry. A chef working in a big city can earn between the range of $10 to $22 where as one working outside these big towns receive an amount ranging between $8 and $14. The average salary of a chef or any other position in the food industry would be fluctuating around $100,000 per year.

Future in culinary arts:

It is good move to choose a career in culinary arts but before getting in the relevant training program, it is necessary that you make a detailed search on the future of the industry or career. By doing so you will get a clear idea of what option you have in the industry and on what position you want to concentrate on achieving it.

Number of jobs in food industry in 2000 where figured as 2.8millions and are surely doubled by now according to the needs of growing population and their demands. It has been over a decade by now and they have been grown rapidly as expected by the statistical professionals. And jobs in this industry as still increasing and encouraging new talents in culinary arts.


The culinary arts schools in the industry is growing rapidly because of the need of perfection in the field and the glamor quotient attached to it and the need of proper training under certification to attain higher professional satisfaction in the industry and the need to be perfectly trained to have a great expertise professional life in the industry. The opportunity in the industry has also encouraged many new schools to provide excellent training and certifications to the students along with recruitment facility for the assistance of the students of the culinary arts school. Some of the different culinary art schools are””

Catering & Restaurant Management

Through the Catering & Restaurant Management programs designed in the schools the students can gain knowledge that will benefit in pursing management positions within the industry. The Coursework focuses on the development of the students managerial, leadership, communications, human resources, also train about the latest technology, accounting management, marketing management, financial management, and customer relations. A Graduate holder is efficiently prepared to seek employment in the industry some of the examples of recruitment areas are as restaurant manager or catering manager in restaurants, cruise ships, and banquet halls and hotels.

Culinary Management

This is basically designed for the students to gain practical knowledge and gain practical experience in the kitchen and also provide knowledge of the business essentials like cost control, sanitation and safety, menu and beverage management, nutrition, and kitchen management. This will facilitate the students in gaining experience related to food preparation while working with others.

Baking & Pastry management

In the Baking & Pastry program the students can learn the baking skills under experienced professionals who excellently train the students on the fundamental pastry and bread-baking techniques, so that the students can efficiently learn to bake desserts, learn the technique of cake decoration, and pastry arts. This will aid in polishing the students culinary techniques,. Graduates are prepared to seek employment in line cook and pantry cook.

Bar management

This can be an interesting and exciting career, these carriers has a unique feature where the students have to face people and entertain them with the technique and prepare different and live drinks in from of the customers, bar-tending is a career allows you the opportunity to work full time, part time or temporary. Bar-tending is one of the few job skills always in demand, and has recruitments worldwide. And is the most creative course among The different culinary arts courses


Culinary school is also called as a cooking school it is an institution devoted to education in the field of art and science of food preparation. It is affiliated to universities and has a wide range of degrees, diplomas and awards which indicate that a student has undergone a particular curriculum and is trained and ensures that the students are excelled in a certain level of competency. Cooking schools are often associated with public restaurants where a student can acquire experience in working in a real environment and perform in many roles to gain experience many schools also have the facility of recruitments for the students.

The industry is developing vastly and there are many schools coming up offering many facilities to the students but it is very important to choose a right school for the career graph to up line. There are more than 500+ trade schools, colleges, and universities currently offering programs in the culinary arts. This number expands each year as new schools open and established schools start offering programs in the culinary arts. Choosing a school is a difficult task, firstly the students’ needs be sure of the field they want to excel in. Then accordingly find a Right Program and a reputed university it is always advisable to go for a university providing live training and recruitment facility.

Some of the important factor to keep in mind when choosing a program at a culinary art school, firstly the personal career goals of the students this is very important at the starting point of the career, then carefully decide on the type of culinary arts education the student is interested in, then also find the length of the program and what diploma or degree is awarded to those who graduate form the institute and also clarify the affiliated university is reputed or not, then look for schools that offer such a program. The main area of focus is your interests make sure that the students enroll in a program that focuses on the aspect the student is interested in. like There’s no use of starting a program that focuses on management when the student is interested in baking then make sure that the school specializes in the area the student wish to specialize.

Some of the other important factor to consider are the qualities of education that the school provides make sure that the curriculum is uninterrupted and the school is reputed also considers different factors like fee structure etc… And compare the reputed school; surely consider the culinary school accreditation when choosing which school to attend.

Finally find the financial aids provided by the schools like scholarship opportunities, gather complete information about the recruitments and on job training facilities provided by the school.Contacting the X students can help the students gather information about their experiences at the school thus proves to be a valuable source of information.